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The 4Waves Approach to understanding the Great Transition from an agricultural to an urban industrialised society and its implications for the 21st century. 
  • Video time: 2 hours
  • 8 Accompanying essays

Why should I take this course?

The #1 course for anyone seeking to understand why we are failing to meet our climate change goals or what is really required to prevent civilizational collapse in the 21st century.
Does humanity really face civilizational collapse? Why do so many scientists think we cannot make the changes fast enough to secure a brighter future, that it is already too late. This course accessibly explains why fighting population growth will do little to help us and why we cannot limit global warming to a 2-degree increase.

Maybe for the first time you will hear about the most important mega-trend that few people see, but which is the root cause of most global problems. A megatrend which will determine the next 100 years and exacerbate existing and create new problems.

We detail humanity’s transition from an agrarian to an urban-industrial society and explain the implications of half the world’s population having yet to make the transition. We cover everything from population growth to urbanisation to energy and food production to climate change. And we offer a new framework, the 4Waves method, to projecting the course of humanity’s development this century. We believe this course provides crucial concepts for anyone wishing to be an informed activist.

What this course includes

The course is formed of eight roughly 15-minute videos each with an accompanying longread for those who prefer to get their knowledge through the written word.
Meet the instructor

Alexander Chikunov

Alexander Chikunov is an investor, former business leader, and creator of the 4Waves method. Between 1994 and 2008 he was a founding member of the Board of Directors of the Russian Trading System (Russia's NASDAQ); led the reorganization of newly privatised river-shipping, aviation, and heavy machinery firms; and became the Executive Director of the then 6th largest energy company in the world, Unified Energy System (UES) which controlled 90% of Russia's electricity assets with annual sales of $20 billion.

Following the completion of privatisation, Alexander started investing in longevity and anti-ageing research. It was during this time he discovered that many leading scientists were, unlike him, extremely pessimistic about society's ability to survive the 21st century. He thus spent the next ten years studying the data on population growth and economic development to better understand where the trajectory of human development the past 200 years is taking us.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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