Why is the fight against Climate Change failing?

Really start to understand why humanity's greatest challenges, such as climate change, are so hard or even impossible to solve

4Waves Course

Discover the 4Waves Approach and its integrated understanding of the challenges of the 21st century and why they are so difficult to solve. 


Podcasts with world leading experts from different sectors on how to secure a least-worst scenario for humanity over the next 100 years.


Watch our series of webinars from the author of the 4Waves Framework on topics such as demography, food, energy, and climate change.

Benefits of the 4Waves Framework

World leading researchers, former business leaders, and investors teaching to a clear framework.

Practical approach

Our training is designed to provide the skills in a practical approach. We are offering a clear framework to analyse and understand complex challenges from a broad range of sectors.

Globally oriented

The challenges can only be adequately understood by using a global perspective. We are using data and experts from around the world to develop the content for our training.

Clear methodology

We have developed through several years of experimentation with formats (from TEDx, articles, research papers, books, and webinars) a clear methodology to meaningfully covering a broad range of sectors.
population growth

9.7 billion people by 2050

Combined challenge

The challenge is not population growth on its own but combined with billions more achieving a better life.

Urban & Economic Growth

4 billion more urban dwellers

Projected growth in consumption


Increase in materials demand and electricity production


Increase in air conditioners and fridges, a high source of f-gases. 


More crop calories needed by 2050 compared to 2010, requiring an area nearly twice the size of India


Fresh water use already up 600% over the past 100 years, set to grow another 20-30% by 2050
The 4Waves Framework presents not only a bitter truth about the prospects of quickly addressing the challenges of unsustainable growth. This course explains why positive outcomes are nearly impossible and how we should approach achieving a least-worst outcome.
Alexander Chikunov

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Feedback from a webinar series we tested in July

The best civilizational analysis that I have been able to listen to lately. A very deep level of reflection. I watched all 4 meetings, I plan to listen to them somehow, and look forward to the next. Alexander is just a godsend, why we didn't know about him earlier). Thanks Ainar and Alexander for doing this!
Ludmila E.
The scale of the vision is impressive .... One of the most important insights from the third webinar is that Enlightened Activism is extremely useful to us. It will be based on a different concept of lifestyle, values ​​and aspirations, different from those that are available to us now. Liked about the difference between trees in parks and five key forest areas. Very clear. ... it is important to stay conscious and look through all the hypotheses available and compile a vision based on multiple points of view, data and research. Well, we are waiting for the 4th webinar, about technologies and Teslanomics. For some reason, the teaser worked best in the third webinar :)
Konstantin V.
Trend Investing Research Firm Owner
I accidentally found a group, started listening to webinars - and found that Alexander and Ainar talk about those problems (tasks, challenges) that I have also been studying in an optional mode for a long time, as a hobby. In my opinion, the structure and format of the presentation of the material requires improvement. ;) But the degree of involvement and personal attitude to global (and non-obvious to most) trends commands respect and inspires. Thank you for doing this. The initiative to continue encouraging - I will follow your, I hope, success. I do not know what the further strategy for the development of the project and the community will be, but I wish you good luck in such important endeavours!
Denis D.
CFO, A Financial Marketplace & PhD in Nuclear Energy
I listened to all the webinars with great interest (in the recording, since it was impossible to connect online due to timing), and I want to say thank you for your educational activities! The concept of a wave mega-transition seems (after that Alexander collected and systematised everything)))) seems super-logical and reasonable. We really see only a small piece of the information field, according to which electric cars are about to plow all corners of the planet), and the fact that a giant sub-southern Africa is growing behind our back, that it will take decades for the transition to new industrial technologies ... My wish is to adapt the content to the teenage and youth audience over time, since, in fact, our children will have to live in this new world. ... For myself, I personally made some investment conclusions to begin with)). Thanks again for expanding horizons,
Daria U.
Commercial real estate specialist
I haven't listened to all the webinars yet. But overall, the podcast became an interesting sequel to Harrari's books for me.
The raised topics and ideas presented by Alexander make us think about what awaits us soon enough. There is a desire to find like-minded people and try to change something together.
Alex F.
Thank you very much for the series of conceptual webinars about the point of reference in the modern world, where humanity is, and the vector towards which we are moving. What the future of our civilisation will be depends not so much on the "golden billion" as on the other nine, and the most interesting developments will happen in Africa and Asia - these are my main understandings, and I would like to be among the lucky ones who will do at least a little to choose the best route of mankind in this century.
Vladimir M.
Entrepreneur & radio station owner
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